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Choosing the right tools and partner is key to achieving your educational outcomes, at Rev IT we specialise in delivering best practice solutions for educators, we can advise you on the best solutions and how to implement them to compliment what you are already doing.

From Apple School Manager, Mobile Device Management and Device Enrolment we can offer turn key solutions to manage your devices either onsite or remote from anywhere in the country, we can tailor technical solutions that will work for you. Find out more about our deployment programs here. We also offer a comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions as well as partnering with professional learning providers and leasing companies to deliver the complete package solution.

Rev IT's team of experienced staff are here to help make all your technology goals reality, please contact us and discuss with our team on how we can partner with you to achieve those goals.

How can we help?

Where to start

If you are thinking about adding new technology to your School first off you need a plan, this will cover things like network infrastructure, IT hardware, applications, management solutions, support, training and finance.
It can be daunting but we are here to advise you on the steps and to make the process easy, the team at Rev IT can work through all the steps with you giving advise based on years of experience with Apple and knowing what works for our many education clients.

Network solutions

Devices are nothing without the right network to support them, the first step in any IT plan is to ensure the infrastructure will support what you want to achieve, the majority of NZ School's have had network upgrades but depending on your plans you may need to add capacity, we can discuss your current setup and advise on any upgrades if required.
Rev IT have the skills and knowledge to assess your network, whether its a ground up build or upgrading an aging system we can advise you on what is required to support your learning outcomes.

Hardware solutions

We can help you with all your hardware needs, with years of knowledge of what works in our client's sites we know what works and what doesn't, let us help you make educated decisions on the right tools for your site. We can also offer device as a solution packages and leasing to make the entry point to technology achievable for everyone. See more of our solutions here.

Software solutions

There are many software solutions and systems that can be implemented to making deploying and managing devices easy for you, from setting up the systems and training you how to manage them to fully managed support contracts we can implement the right solution for you required outcomes. Leveraging industry leading software and tools from the likes of Apple School Manger, Jamf Pro and School, Lightspeed, Munki, Watchman are just some of the solutions we can integrate with your current systems to deliver the best in class solutions for you institute.

Integrate with your school’s existing systems.

With federated authentication in Apple School Manager, it’s now easier than ever to integrate iPad and Mac into your existing environment using your school’s Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials. Our team are experienced with the intergration of Apple's system with Azure to leverage Apple School Manager in your site.


Rev IT partners with local Apple Learning Specialists and Professional Learning organisations to help you up skill your staff to deliver the outcomes you demand. By leveraging the skill set that APLS training partners offer you can take your learning outcomes to the next level.
Our training partners will be able to guide you through how best to integrate the powerful tools built into Apple devices with your learning outcomes.
Rev IT are experts in ensuring you have the right equipment and solutions to manage them but it is only half of the solution, we understand the power of Apple can not be fully explored without the knowledge of how use them, so by drawing on the partnerships we have within the industry and using their expertise we can offer solutions from 1:1 training to full workshop offerings.

Apple Programmes

We are lucky to have exceptional clients and support all our clients in achieving there goals, whether that is becoming an Apple Distinguished School which Rev IT is proud to say we have 3 clients who have achieved this in the South Island or getting your staff certified with their Apple Teacher certifications.
The team at Rev IT is here to help you achieve your technology goals not just in technical support and hardware but in the day to day use of devices just like we do for our large number of Education clients not just local but nationally.


Rev IT partners with Apple Financial Services and Equico Flexicommerical Finance to offer leasing and device as a service options to make getting the equipment and services you require simple and cost effect.
Managing your fleet of equipment can be made significantly outlay and keeping this equipment up to date is a constant challenge, a well planned leasing plan can offer more equipment at a more affordable price than purchasing in many cases.

How else we can help

Rev IT is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated company with 10+ years of supporting School's in the Canterbury area, but we are not just in Canterbury we also have the ability to support clients remotely across the country. We have a number of prominent tertiary institutes the length of the country that have contracted Rev IT to assist their own IT departments for our expertise in Apple best practice from full time Rev IT staff onsite to remote support and training to manage their equipment.


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